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    Fashion: Travel and Shoes

    March 16, 2018

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    I’m going on a long trip very soon. I’ll fill all of you in all the details at a later time, but one of the hardest things for me to do is to pare down my shoe collection. I try to pack light…for all the snacks and treasures I find abroad.
    I love shopping at Nordstrom as they have everything I need and are always on top of the latest fashion trends, designers, and brands (Hello Everlane!).I’m also a big fan of their free shipping and their generous return policy. Nordstrom started out as a shoe department, so I knew I was pretty set in my search.

    I’ve pared down a list of 6 shoes that I feel are versatile and useful for my travels as I will be doing a lot of walking in different terrain and weather. Check out a few of my favorites, and if you find any shoes that would go great with traveling, let me know!

    The Adidas NMD R1 STLT Primeknit Sneakers (pictured above) are pretty, aren’t they? They’re the perfect sneakers for traveling. They’re light and the upper material is knit, which I love not only for the aesthetics, but especially for traveling when feet can swell. These can be used not only for walking around the city but for engaging in a more serious workouts. The style of these sneakers add a much welcome pop to an all black outfit.

    I always like to bring a casual sneaker to simplify my look. It’s versatile in that I can wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. I’ve always been a fan of Superga because of their clean design and how comfortable they are. I’m a sucker for the grey ones.

    I think booties have do be one of the most versatile pair of shoes. They can elevate a pair of jeans and ground a pair of shorts. They can also provide some edge to a sweet and delicate dress. The heel of the Blondo Victoria Cutout Bootie is walker friendly with a 2 inch heel. These are also waterproof which I have found to be so important when travelling. There have been one too many times have I been caught in a rainstorm with sneakers that became soaked, or booties that kept my feet dry but the 3 inch heel make it uncomfortable to walk for long distances. These boots are the best of both worlds and black is the perfect neutral.

    For those nights out or those day trips that require a little dressing up, I like to bring a low heeled block sandal. The Bella Vita Fitz Block heel sandal is a gorgeous shoe that will go well wherever you travel. With a heel height of 2 inches, a flattering ankle strap, and a transparent inset for the block heel, these will keep you steady on cobblestones and dancing all night without having to take them off.

    Sandals are the ultimate vacation shoe, and the Mayari’ Birko-Flor is your happy travel companion. Birkenstocks are famous for being comfortable and this style adds a feminine twist to the sandals. Your feet will be happy exploring with these on.

    Loafers are a nice addition for traveling as they add polish to any outfit especially jeans. If you’re going to somewhere a little dressier in the daytime it’s a nice to have a pair of these on hand. The Gucci Brixton Convertible Loafer is classic and can be also worn as a mule to get more looks out of this shoe.

    I hope you find this useful, let me know what shoes are on your “must list”, when you travel!

    Oahu Guide Part 5: First Timer Tips

    March 7, 2018

    Since this was my first time in Oahu, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that I learned along the way. Ready? Let’s go!

    My family and I wanted our first time in Oahu to include all of the tourist points but also have time for hikes since we enjoy being outdoors. Touristy stuff tends to be more expensive so we ended up buying the Go Oahu card through Costco. You have the option of buying the card on the Go Oahu website, but buying it through Costco gives you the option of a having the pass for a 4th day. At $154.00, it’s a great deal! The card also has a list of every popular attraction and hike so it’s a great way to plan your day.

    We mapped out each attraction we wanted to see and created an itinerary based on proximity of each attraction to each other. 


    The Diamond Head Hike is the most popular hike in Hawaii at 1.3 miles, it’s considered a moderate to easy hike. It’s paved and there are clearly marked rails on either side.  We did an early morning tour that met at 6:30 to catch the sunrise at Diamond Head, thinking it would be less crowded. It’s actually pretty crowded, and you take your own pace, but be mindful that the crowd is moving at pretty quickly. There are two paths you can take. There’s the easier route, which is more of a gradual incline, or you can take the other path which is steeper with more steps and a sharp incline. To watch the sunrise at the top of Diamond Head is a beautiful experience.


    We also did the Kuliouou Ridge Hike, a 5 mile hike that offers a lot of switchbacks and an opportunity to see the ever changing greenery of Hawaii. It’s considered a moderate to easy hike depending on which trail you take. With the valley head trail being the easier of the two. We probably went 2 miles in before we started heading back. We also weren’t prepared for the mosquitoes! It’s set pretty deep into the valley, and we were getting bitten so much that we had to turn back. Lesson learned: don’t forget your bug spray and sunscreen.

    The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail is a quick 2.0 mile trail considered easy to moderate. It does get pretty high up there with an elevation of 500 ft. But the trail is paved and the elevation is a pretty gradual rise until you get to the top. The view of the ocean are spectacular, and you get to see some old military pillboxes. The lighthouse is visible but unable to get to, due to a fence protecting the path.

    The Polynesian Cultural Center

    The Polynesian Cultural Center is a themed park in Laie, Hawaii and is a must stop for first time tourist. The center has 6 different areas to visit: Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, Marquesas Island and Aoterora or what we call now “New Zealand.” Each of the islands have their own cultural themes and activities. These include movie theaters, fire throwing, palm tree weaving, a show with a boat ride, and canoe rides. We wandered around for a bit waiting for the luau to start.

    The food was plentiful and it was good. It has the usual Hawaiian faire: imu pork, lomi lomi salmon, poke, poi, macaroni salad, and other various Polynesian dishes. The show that accompanies the luau was fun, it has people showcasing different dances of Polynesian culture like Hula, Tahitian, and Warrior dances

    If you want to experience a luau and a chance to visit the PCC to explore the villages, I would suggest making the PCC a whole day affair.

    Pearl Harbor

    We went checked out the USS Arizona, and the site of Pearl Harbor. My dad was in the Navy and wanted to take the chance to pay my respects to site and take a moment to reflect on what happened at Pearl Harbor and to make sure we don’t repeat he mistakes of our past.

    It’s beautiful and haunting with the memorial of all the names of people lost.

    Make sure when you go that you should bring a small wallet sized bag. Otherwise, leave it in your car or rent a locker. They’re pretty strict about it.

    Scuba Diving

    My sister and I have never been snorkeling and we thought what more a perfect place to try it then in Honolulu. We found this excursion through It was a perfect first experience! We met our instructor Stephen at Ala Moana regional park. He was kind and patient, giving us a rundown of the equipment as well as tips for your first time. The area he picked seemed to be pretty popular spot for lessons as we saw other people taking scuba diving lessons as well. He provided the wetsuit, flippers, and snorkeling gear as well as taking go pro footage of my sister and I as we snorkeled amongst the fish. The area that we snorkeled was perfect for first timers as it wasn’t too deep. Stephen was great as an instructor, and we would definitely come back to try the scuba diving!

    Leonard’s Malasadas

    Leonard’s Malasadas is the spot for delicious made to order Portuguese donuts with various fillings. There usually is a line but it moves quick! Be sure to check out their specials. We loved the haupia custard filling. 

    My family and I greatly enjoyed our first time in Hawaii. The things we did offered a chance to explore the popular sights of Hawaii. The Hawaiian hospitality was in full display during all our visit, everyone was friendly and quick to help advice on can’t miss sights and how to explore each attraction.

    One thing I would say is that Oahu definitely has some serious rush hour traffic so to maximize your time, clustering your attractions together would be helpful to cut your time sitting in traffic.

    Make sure you look at a map of the whole island to get an idea of where everything is to familiarize yourself with the layout of the island. Doing that before hand really helped us to plan our days so we could get the most out of each day. If it’s your first time in Oahu, I greatly suggest investing in the Go Oahu card. It really helped plan my trip so that I can relax and enjoy what Oahu has to offer. 

    Oahu Guide Part 1: Kualoa Ranch

    February 27, 2018

    Hawaii! This trip was my very first time to Oahu. And when it’s my first time traveling to a new place I like to do all that touristy stuff. I mean, there is a reason why everyone goes there right?

    Our first stop was Kualoa Ranch, a beautiful nature reserve about 24 miles from Honolulu​. It’s natural beauty has made it the perfect backdrop for countless movies and TV shows such as Jumanji, 50 first Dates, Jurassic Park, the Karate Kid, Lost, and Hawaii 5-0 which is still being filmed in Oahu.

    It seemed like a must see for tourists in Oahu. The ranch offers a host of activities meant to take advantage of the expanse and beauty of the reserve. There was so much to do that we divided our activities throughout our entire trip.

    They offer several tours such as a Movie Ranch tour, Jungle tour, and Catamaran tour. You can also ride ATVs or go on horseback. The first activity we did was the Movie Ranch Tour. You hop on an old school bus and the tour guides points out where various movies were filmed. There are a couple stops where you’re able to get off the bus to explore. I remember seeing the bunker where episodes of “Lost” were filmed, and also feeling like I was actually in Jurassic Park.

    On the second day, we were supposed to do the Jungle Ranch Tour. Unfortunately, we were late, and were unable to hop on that tour. I suggest making reservations in advance. A week before our trip it was easy enough to call to book for the times and tours we wanted. However, if you don’t check in 15 minutes prior to your reservation, they will give it away.

    Instead, we went ATV riding. The raptor ATVs  allows you to ride with several people in the ATVs as opposed to individually. It was the best way to explore Kualoa Ranch, as the open structure of the ATV, paired with the ability to drive through the ranch with the tour guide gave you a more intimate look of Kualoa.  It poured that day, but that didn’t stop the tour from happening and actually made it more fun! They provide ponchos to keep your clothes dry, but riding around in ATVs in warm rain, and going through puddles through the beautiful terrain was an unforgettable experience.

    Kualoa Ranch in recent years has also taken to developing parts of Kualoa ranch to not only be self-sustaining but to sustain Hawaii as well. It is an active ranch, with handlers cultivating different crops, like Cacao, and taking care of the fish and cows to ensure Hawaii continues to thrive well into the future.

    I was in awe of this experience. I didn’t think a place this beautiful existed. It never got old for me. I went there 3 times and I couldn’t get enough of it. Kualoa Ranch is a must visit in Oahu.


    Gift Guide: Treat Yo Self

    December 20, 2017

    As two insightful people Donna and Tom once said, “TREAT YO SELF” and we’re going to add and others too, as it’s the holidays! We saved this guide for last, as it’s whimsical, over the top, and completely out of our budget. Each of these items were chosen as experiences or things we’ve dreamed about owning. And we thought these would make great gifts for ourselves if money were no object. A $2500 wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano to roll your pasta in? Check. A pair of platforms from cool girl Nicole Saldana? Check. A trip to London and high tea at the insanely popular Sketch? Check.  6 Bespoke handbags from Olympia Le-Tan and a personal shopping trip with her atelier? Check and check. This gift guide is a mostly tongue-in-cheek guide of things we’d TREAT ourselves with if money ACTUALLY did grow on trees. Have fun with this list, and let us know would you would treat yourself to if you could, “spend your money like money ain’t shit.” Happy Holidays!

    1. Mansur Gavriel coat $1,095 – This badass coat is so pleasing to look at and really speaks to the power of good colors.
    2. Nicole Saldana platform boots $235 (on sale!)  – Nicole Saldana is an amazing designer and also from our hometown!
    3. van Cleef Alhambra Necklace $2,550 – Dainty. Beautiful. Timeless
    4. Armand de Brignac Cuvée trip $150,000.00 – A trip for four to Paris to go to a champagnerie to get your own Champagne, the dream.
    5. Williams Sonoma Parmigiano Reggiano wheel $2,499.95 – Ever since we saw Chrissy Teigen with one, we can’t stop dreaming about having out own to make cacio e pepe with.
    6. Bespoke handbags w/ Olympia Le-Tan $45,000 – 6 bespoke handbags w/ Olympia Le-Tan? It’s like they read my mind of my biggest fashion fantasy.
    7. Gucci print logo rose silk scarf $495 – A classic scarf that can be worn several different ways.
    8. Acne Liza Jacket $2,000 – This IT brand is everything. We went into the SF store and I didn’t want to leave.
    9. Catbird Painter’s Blue Sapphire Ring $675.00 – Mary Ann promised that she would get this for herself one day.
    10. Arctic resort Kakslauttanen 376 euros-perfect escape and accomodations to sleep with the northern lights directly above you
    11. Trip to london with high tea at Sketch  89 pounds – for high tea with quirky and beautifully themed rooms, it’s afternoon tea with a twist. We would never leave.
    12. Hi line boot in haze beige $798 – the quintessential over the knee boot in the perfect color to transition from fall to spring

    Gift Guide: The Style Seeker

    December 12, 2017

    This gift guide pays homage to the style seeker in your life. This guide is slightly bigger than the rest because we have a lot of ground to cover. Each of these objects were carefully picked to gift to that person in your life who always seems to dress with that extra edge. We’ve included items from a range of prices as well as lines. We’ve also included a clothing brand from the Bay Area, a luxurious pj set from the UK, and an on trend teddy coat from one of our faves. Hopefully you’ll find something for that stylish person in your life that always seems to be ahead of the trend. Let us know what catches your eye 😉


    1. Bancroft Parka $375 – For person who want to stay cozy and chic out there.
    2. Mejuri Necklace $259- I like giving personalized gifts and this is dainty enough that it can be worn everyday.
    3. Cuyana Mohair Beret  $65.00 – Perfect for the one who is all about the Parisian style and loves to add an extra piece to round out their outfit.
    4. Everlane French Terry Crew $40 – Because a comfy and stylish piece from Everlane is always a great gift.
    5. Amour Vert Set:  $125 – A timeless set that can be worn over and over again.
    6. Garmentory by Poketo $90 – Garmentory x Poketo collab, curated by the woman behind Linda says Gah.
    7. Lou & Grey fuzzy slippers  $59.95- Who doesn’t love a good furry slipper to lounge around in?
    8. Lou & Grey teddy coat $148 – Teddy Coats are in! This is a great fitted version of the ones we’ve been seeing everywhere
    9. Madewell Tassel Earrings $28 – Fun earrings are always a nice statement piece especially for the holiday season. Tassel and pompom earrings have been in style for awhile now.
    10. Aritizia Kahlo Jacket $225 – duster coast in the bone white, will freshen up winter outfits
    11. Madewell Femme Tee $39.50 -The future is female, wear is loud and proud.
    12. Reformation Love your Mother Tee $38 – Vintage vibes and sustainably made.
    13. Backbeat Rags Midi Cotton Dress $60 -For the person who is all about the California laidback vibes.
    14. Between Ten – Manhattan Trouser $62.40 – For the modern fashion lover. The silhouette is modern but the navy color is classic, the sheen make it so versatile to transition from day to night.
    15. Pop & Suki The Camera Bag $195 – Cute brand made by two best friends who just wanted to share the things that they love with the world. Sounds familiar? <3
    16. Sezane Tights $20 – High quality tights from Paris with beautiful packaging.
    17. Libertylondon PJs $200 – I’m more a sweats girl myself, but Liberty London PJs will last a lifetime.
    18. White Rabbit NY Madison Bikini Set  $80 – Their lingerie feels so amazing. We can’t get enough of our sets.