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    Gift Guide: The Health and Fitness Buddy

    December 8, 2017

    Health and fitness is something near and dear to my heart. I’m not perfect. When I set my alarm for the gym, sometimes when it goes off I look at it and roll back to bed. And sometimes I have several cheat days in a row. But being healthy is all about balance. Moderation.

    This gift guide is dedicated to your health and fitness buddies. They are the ones who support you in your fit goals, sweat alongside you during a particularly tough spin class, and will gladly go to a happy hour after a good session. Check out our picks below! Happy Gifting!

    1. Veggie Spiralizer  $23.97 Spiralizers have changed the way we cook for the better. We love making zoodles to replace pasta. It’s a refreshing way to change up traditional favorites like spaghetti.
    2. Matcha Book $17 – The photography of this cookbook is gorgeous. I also love how matcha, its history and evolution is easily broken down to understand.
    3. Joylab Leggings  $29 – Cute leggings for yoga and after yoga
    4. Hurom Personal Juicer $299 – It comes Oprah approved.
    5. Dance Body classes $35 – For the person who loves to dance their booty off in the comfort of their home.
    6. Adidas Duffel Bag $50 – The perfect size to stash your toiletries, towel and another set for clothes for your post workout
    7. I Did my Best workout mat $32 – That’s all we can strive for.
    8. Allbird wool runners $95 – Made of merino wool, light breathable, and when they get dirty, throw them in the wash.
    9. mybkr water bottle $75 – A water bottle that comes with the essentials to keep it clean
    10. Nike Swift Running Pants $120 – the reflective design and the fit makes it perfect for outdoor running.
    11. Girlfriend Collective Midnight Paloma bra $38 – Made from recycled plastic. This sports bra provides full coverage and is flattering for all.
    12. Girlfriend Collective Yoga Pants $58 – Coming in several cuts and colors to please everybody. The fit is amazing.

    Gift Guide: The Traveler

    December 3, 2017

    How I love to travel.  And even If I’m not traveling, I’m thinking of my next trip and what I would pack on that trip. Packing for me, is being able to use everything in my suitcase, and not regret I didn’t pack something. I try to travel light and I do that by bringing things that are multifunctional. I’m a pretty sensible packer so if it’s not functional, it’s not going on the trip.

    This guide is for the travelers on your list. They are the ones who are suitcase ready and can explore the world at a moment’s notice. The gifts that we have listed here are things that can make a person’s trip smoother while having their style on point, skin glowing, and sanity intact. Check it out!

    1. Monocle Travel Books  $14 – These travel books are awesome. They are not like your old school touristy ones, the recommendations make you feel like local.
    2. Fjallraven Kanken backpack $80 – We love our Kankens! It’s amazing how much you can fit into this pack.
    3. Lo&Sons Travel bag $72 – It comes in 3 different sizes. I bought the small Catalina. It’s the perfect size to fit in the overhead bin, has a zippered separate bottom compartment and it has a sleeve that can slide over your rollaway handles, making running through the airport that much easier.
    4. Away Set $95.00 – This gift set is smartly packed with essentials to keep you well while you’re traveling.
    5. Catbird Eye Mask $24 – For when you’re in the middle seat and the person sitting in the window seat keeps their window open.
    6. Cuyana Classic Passport Case $95 – Travel in style and convenience. When you use this passport holder, it has pockets to store your ID too so you’re not having to fumble with your wallet at the airport.
    7. Plant Apothecary 5 Piece bodywash set $35 – Since you can’t control the water with which you shower in when traveling, bring this travel friendly bodywash set that’s gentle and natural.
    8. Bose Noise canceling Headphones $299.95 – Lightweight  and easy to carry. You can comfortably watch movies while canceling out the loudness of the plane.
    9. Origins Intensive Overnight Mask $17 – Slather this on during your flight to keep your skin hydrated even at 35,000. Your skin will thank you later.
    10. Meaux Blanket $95 – I like to bring scarves when I travel. It can be used to accessorize an outfit, during flights it can double as a blanket. Most importantly, a blanket can hide your face if you sleep with your mouth open, like I do.
    11. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized $168 – Sunglasses are a must, and these are a classic that will travel well.
    12. Majestic Disorder Magazine $10.76 – Perfect reading material on the plane to feed your creative side and to get you excited to explore the world.

    Gift Guide: The Beauty Maven

    December 1, 2017

    We’re all about the gift guides! They’re so fun to look at all the while gaining inspiration to gift or even to receive. And let’s be real here, you gotta laugh at the ridiculousness (yes, we’re looking at you GOOP).

    We like giving gifts, and we really like to put thought into the things we want to give someone. We believe it doesn’t have to a big and/or expensive gift for it to be special. We also don’t believe that you have to a buy a ton of gifts for someone to be happy. Fewer, better is always a good thing in our books. As we’ve gotten older, we noticed that even the small details matter; even the way we decorate our giftboxes have also become important to us. With the holiday fast approaching, we wanted to share 10 gift guides over the next 10 days that we hope will inspire you in making thoughtful purchases for the people in your lives.  

    We wanted to start off with a guide for the person who takes greats strides in taking care of their skin and hair. They are your go-to when you’re trying to figure out your own beauty routines or if you want advice on what would be best for your hair and skin. One of our favorite things to give is beauty products. You don’t have to worry about sizing, fit, and we like how it gives people a chance to explore things they may have talked about but haven’t taken the plunge just yet. The products below are tried and true favorite or the ones that we’re personally excited about. We hope you find something for the beauty maven in your life. Happy gifting!

    1. Drunk Elephant Vol. 1 Hot Date $98 – I’ve heard so many good things about DE, how much the products do in the way of smoothening and refining skin. This kit is perfect way of trying their best selling products all in one kit.
    2. Ouai Fragrance $42 -I love the smell of Ouai products and find myself purposely putting extra in my hair and use it as my perfume. Jen Atkin knows when to drop Ouai Fragrances in December when it’s time to be buying gifts. This comes in 3 roller fragrances- In names of Rue St. Honore, Mercer St., and Melrose palce. I can’t wait.
    3. Peach and Lily Holiday Gift Bag $45 – For the k-beauty junkie, this comes with 2 sheet masks, and a cute case!
    4. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer $399 – I know the price tag. But it’s a Dyson, and the reviews on this baby are GOOD. Who wouldn’t love a dryer that dries faster, leaves your hair healthier, and is lighter?
    5. Glossier Body Hero Duo $35 – Glossier has been the IT product for quite some time now. We love it. So why not get the person you love the Body Hero Duo? The cleanser removes grime and sweat without stripping away essential skin oils and the moisturizer to lock in hydration.
    6. Jade Roller $25 – A great gift for a person who takes their skin care very seriously. The cooling effect of the jade roller helps with blood circulation.
    7. Lapcos Variety Face Masks $22 – This is a fun variety set especially for someone who enjoys getting together with friends to host at home spa days or sleepovers.
    8. Artis Brush $67 – We can’t get over how soft this brush feels on our face. We always feel so fancy when using it to “powder our noses.”
    9. Herbivore Botanicals Soap Trio $32 – Mary Ann bought herself the set last year and she can’t get enough of it! The scent is light and skin feels refreshed after every use.
    10. French Girl Sea Spray $12 – We love the look of hair after being out at the beach all day. Why not have those beautiful waves on any day that you want?
    11. Frankbody Coffee Scrub $16.95 – A famous all natural body scrub coveted by magazine editors from Nylon and Allure.
    12. 3 month Beauty Pie Subscription $10/month – An awesome subscription box! The items are high quality without the exorbitant mark up. Their gloss also smells amazing.

    Dermarolling with the Homies

    November 26, 2017

    Aren’t we all in the search of “I woke up like this” skin? Since I was teenager I’ve had to deal with acne and because I’m tan, ended up with the dreaded hyperpigmentation. I’ve tried everything over the years: professional facials and peels. And since I’m a beauty junkie with an enterprising spirit, I tried stuff at home too: peels, microdermabrasion systems and serums that contained vitamin C but none of the products gave me the results I was looking for.
    Until I read about dermarolling.

    Dermarolling looked scary. A roller with needles that you rolled on your face?! In theory, the dermaroller when rolled over the skin, causes micro-injuries that causes the collagen to regenerate, revealing smoothing, plumper skin. Googling images of before and after pictures looked unreal. The before pictures of people with old scars revealed after pictures of people with blemish free and smooth skin. I knew I had to give it a try.

    Perusing the web I came back with a few takeaways:

    1. Make sure you disinfect your dermaroller with alcohol (the higher percentage, the better)
    2. Keep the needle size between 0.25-0.50 mm anything greater, and you’re going into professional grade territory, which if used improperly, may cause damage.
    3. Do not use serums that contain Vitamin C or retinol to roll as they may be too harsh for your skin

    I tried it out and within 2-3 treatments my skin was brighter and smoother and the scars did seem to be fading. Ecstatic, I started rolling every 2-3 days and convinced one of my co-workers to try it with me.

    We went Target to stock up on essentials: serum and alcohol to disinfect the dermaroller. A lady overheard us talking about it and offered her sage advice as she was an aesthetician that performed it at her office (perfect timing, right?!).

    Her advice was as follows:

    1. Roll every 3 weeks at MOST, to give your skin time to cycle through and regenerate collagen
      Do NOT roll on active acne
    2. Make sure to disinfect your dermaroller with alcohol prior to using your dermaroller and after
    3. Your serum should be simple, like a hyaluronic acid serum
    4. Wait 15 minutes before you moisturize to allow time for your pores to close
    5. Limit your physical activity the next day as your skin may be sensitive and sweating may sting.

    Aggregating what I’ve learned from the internet and from the aesthetician we fortuitously ran into, I’ve narrowed down a dermarolling routine that I’ve had good results with:

    1. Disinfect your dermaroller with alcohol prior to using it.
    2. Wash your face really well and use toner to make sure that your skin is clean. (I use Cetaphil Cleanser and The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution.
    3. Place a few drops of serum on your face. I use the Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary.
    4. To start using the dermaroller, start vertically and then horizontally (like a hashtag). Make sure not to drag the dermaroller on your face. Continue for approximately 2-3 min. It’s slightly uncomfortable, you can feel the needles, if it becomes to uncomfortable STOP!
    5. Add another layer of serum and wait 15 minutes before using your moisturizer. I use The Ordinary’s 100% Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil.
    6. Make sure to disinfect your dermaroller again before putting it away.

    Keep your dermarolling to once every 3 weeks to give your skin time to rest. Don’t apply too much pressure, the dermaroller should glide onto your skin. It will feel uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t feel intolerable. You know your skin, so roll cautiously. Happy rolling!!!!

    Inspiration: Bloggers Roundup

    November 1, 2017

    Photo Credit: Designlovefest

    We wanted to take a moment to highlight 5 amazing women who continually inspire us in developing a creative lifestyle. These women have shaped our own styles and aesthetics in our personal lives and in Style Approximately. Check them out below!

    1.Bri Emery (photo above) of DesignLoveFest

    If you haven’t heard of Bri Emery and her lifestyle blog, DesignLoveFest, you need to check it out now. We’re sure her style looks familiar to you as she has been highly influential everywhere. She is a talented graphic designer who’s aesthetic has moved from the internet world to the real world; she’s had several products launch with Target and partnered with several lines that we love (Hellooo Gorman!). Bri is also unafraid of humanizing the experience and connecting with her readers on a personal level.

    Photo Credit: Grey Layers

    2. Jeanne Grey of Grey Layers

    We were initially intrigued by Jeanne and her meticulous use of the color gray and the lack of color to make a visual statement in her photos. Her minimalist aesthetic along with the use of clean lines and muted tones furthers her cool girl factor that we love. She’s also moved forward with bringing a singular pop of color in her photos and it makes all the more striking. Jeanne is also a strong woman with a strong sense of self; she is a rule-breaker and a feminist. We appreciate her constant reminders of the importance of self-love and strength in one’s convictions.  Read her post on buying a ring for YOURSELF here.

    Photo Credit: Sincerely Jules

    3. Julie Sariñana of SincerelyJules

    Julie’s blog started off as a creative outlet while she was at FIDM and has morphed over the years into a huge social media presence. Her influence as a blogger parlayed  into her own clothing line, available online and at department stores like Nordstrom. She continues to have a keen eye for mixing street and luxe brands that further establishes her own unique take on the California cool girl style, that’s been admired by many over the years.

    Photo Credit: Sfgirlbybay

    4. Victoria Smith of SFGirlbyBay

    We have been following Victoria Smith since 2006. An SF woman now in LA, Victoria is highly influential in the design world bringing forth a high quality aesthetic and content to the masses. Her unique sense and understanding of design also helped launch Pinterest as she was one of the first influential bloggers to test and promote the site.

    Photo Credit: Man Repeller

    5. Leandra Medine of Man Repeller

    The woman behind Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, is a woman after our own hearts. She lives and spouts the mantra of dressing for yourself and no one else, which for her, is her killer signature New York style. On top of her style game she writes thoughtful essays and gives spot on advice on her blog that hits home with us EVERY. TIME. Want a better idea of what Man Repeller represents? This is their mission statement: Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.