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    Spring Favorites: Madewell

    May 1, 2017

    We’ve had an obsession with Madewell for quite some time. Their effortlessly cool vibes lines up exactly with both of our personalities. We love how their relaxed look and that you can mix and match a variety of pieces to get you a look that can move from day to night and the in between. Madewell is a staple in our closets, and has always been a go to when we’re unsure of what to wear.

    With the weather getting warmer, we’re excited to share a few of our favorites from their latest collection. Check them out below!

    1. Side-Button Skirt We’ve been about this mustard color

    2. Apron Cross-Back Tank Top A little spin on the staple tank with wider straps and a cross-back

    3. Abroad Trench Coat Trench coats are a staple in anyone’s closet. Perfect transition item from winter to spring

    4. Short-Sleeve Tie-front in pink stripe We’ve been seeing vertical stripes everywhere. We love this classic look with the light pink stripes. Reminds us of candy stripers.

    5. The Kaia Ankle-Wrap Scandal Fun pair of sandals with a little fluff that can add that statement piece that brings an outfit together

    6. Central Shirt in Stripe More vertical stripes! We’re all about it. 

    7. 9″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans A hint of edge with the cuts, but not overwhelming

    8. The Cary Sandal An easy slingback to slip on for work and after

    9. Smocked Crop Jumpsuit in lilies of the valley Mary Ann loves clothes that you can just throw on and go.

    10. The Marfa Circle Crossbody bag Circle bags are coming up! We’re predicting that this style will be big for the summer

    Nguyen Cong Tri: Em Hoa Collection

    April 17, 2017

    Can we take a moment (or several) to admire the work of Nguyen Cong Tri? Inspired by flower sellers on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Cong Tri strikes a deep emotional chord by juxtaposing delicate colorful design with stark architectural concrete-like garments. He is further inspired by the women who typically wear oversized shirts to protect themselves from the sun. The blooming colors spilling onto their monochrome clothing is incredibly beautiful. This collection is a means to remind us of how wonderful it can be when we slow down for just a moment and take it the small beauties in a seemingly mundane world.

    Photos found here: Facebook

    Wishlist: Dear Frances

    April 12, 2017

    We have to admit that we didn’t think we would be about that mule life. We thought that the mule was a more practical shoe without much focus on aesthetics. That is until Dear Frances came into our lives about a year ago. And we realized how wrong we were.

    We love the clean and unfussy elegance of Dear Frances. The signature slice of lucite cutting through the wooden heel is giving us so many feelings. With warmer weather in the horizon, the mule is the perfect shoe to slip on for work, daytime perusing, or a night out for dance parties.

    We also appreciate how the shoe holds the foot in a way that doesn’t feel cramped or binding.

    Shoes in the post can be found here:

    1 Poser Mules in Black

    2. Cross Mules in Sea Blue 

    3. Poser Mules in Musk

    4. Poser Mules in Forest Green

    5. Poser Mules in Scarlet

    On Our List: Reformation

    April 9, 2017

    Can we take a moment and talk about how Reformation continues to kill the fashion game? The brand is a leader in the slow fashion movement by creating limited edition collections that are sustainable, environmentally and ethically sound along with a vintage aesthetic. Their silhouettes are feminine, yet evoke a message of badassery.

    Since turning 30, I’ve focused on buying less, but buying better.

    My mantra has also been, “I do what I want.”

    Reformation definitely fits into those categories.

    Items in this post can be found here:

    1. Diego Two Piece

    2. Shirley Dress

    3. Fisher Pant

    4. Bronte Two Piece

    5. Sayulita Dress

    Conscious Choices

    March 19, 2017

    While my husband I were moving out of our apartment almost two years ago, I had a moment of panic at the final hour. Our cars were filled to the top with… stuff. And yet, I still had 6+ garbage bags full of clothes. It was nearly 2 AM and we couldn’t drop it off at any donation center.

    Sadly, I left the bags near the garbage bins, hoping that someone might pick it up. It was highly unlikely, but I still had hope. It still bothers me to this day that I did that.

    After that night, I promised myself I wouldn’t be so wasteful. I realized that my addiction to fast fashion led to junk taking over my closet. To be honest, I had this Carrie Bradshaw mentality for a long time: excess is good. I needed to keep up with the trends.

    Obviously excess of anything isn’t good.

    Since then I’ve made it a point to change my closet (and life) for the better. I’ve learned that I want a closet of items that 1. make me truly happy and 2. are sustainable.

    Now, I could wax poetry about sites like Everlane where they believe in cutting out the middle, and being fully transparent about where their clothing is made. I could also go on and on about Reformation where all clothing is made in LA and is from 100% recycled material. Both sites have equally beautiful and high quality pieces at a good price point.
    Today, I’m here to introduce you to 6 WOMEN-OWNED (!!) shops that you may not have heard of that are deep in the sustainable movement. Whether it’s preserving the environment or bringing socially driven issues to the forefront, these shops are game changers in the fashion world. Check ’em out below!

     Backbeat Rags

    Created by Isadora Alvarez, I found Backbeat Rags at The Renegade Craft Fair, and immediately fell in love with her aesthetic. Backbeat’s style is inspired by the effortlessly cool vibes of SoCal. Isadora is based in LA where also all the clothing is made. She believes in supporting local makers while minimizing environmental impact. Their belief is, “The Livin’s Easy, so it makes sense to dress that way.” P.S I bought the dress above and it is incredibly comfortable.


    LA based company owned and inspired by the artist Ilse Valfre. They believe in a woman’s style is limitless. Much like her art, Valfre’s clothing is a blend of raw femininity and magic.

    Amour Vert

    Green Love in French. Amour Vert lives by their name with a zero-waste philosophy. Their goal is to change the fashion industry by raising the standards of production by creating clothing made with non-toxic dyes and sustainable fabric. Above all, they believe in an enduring style with lasting eco-conscious clothing.


    From hand selected vintage, dead stock, and sustainable materials, Modernation believes in upcycling materials from all over SoCal. I have a strong affinity towards vintage and making use of the things we already have, Modernation takes those concepts even further by creating one of a kind pieces from clothing once forgotten.

    My Sister

    Their mission: fighting sex trafficking one shirt at a time. With each purchase, anyone can participate in the movement to dismantle systems that allow people to be sold for sexual exploitation. The company reinvests in the community to provide education, empowerment, and employment.


    Stormie Dreams

    Stormie Dreams focuses on transparency and sustainability. They also believe in zero-waste: they source their fabrics and trims in all over LA that were headed to to landfills. Their goal is to create comfortable and lasting clothing that has minimal impact on the environment.