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    Fashion: Lively

    March 10, 2018

    Here at Style Approximately, we wanted to put focus on the brands that we can fully get behind and support. Ever since I came across Lively, I knew there was something special about their products and their brand. Not only are their pieces beautiful and wearable, but their mission is something we truly believe in.

    Lively aims to create a movement that breaks the typical ideas of what is sexy. They blur the lines of lingerie, activewear, and swimsuit to create products that are sexy, comfortable, and actually wearable.  They call it Leisurée. Lively believes that confidence is a beautiful and sexy thing; their pieces are merely the bridge between the person and their own confidence. Their goal is to empower women to live their best selves in clothing they truly feel good in right down to their skivvies. Self-love is real with Lively.

    I’ve purchased a few things already, and I’m waiting patiently for it to come in the mail. The tank one piece swimsuit below was a piece I’ve been pining over for about a month until I made the jump to purchase. It’s a gorgeous piece and I knew I had to have it after seeing the Bando girls wear it in Hawaii. The swimsuit is a classic striped piece that screams summer time at the beach. It’s rare to find something so classic nowadays. I’m also convinced that vertical stripes are going to be seen everywhere this summer.

    I also purchased the Confidence Starts Here tee which was released to coincide with International Women’s Day. This tee serves as a reminder to myself to be confident in who I am and what I represent. 100% of the profits from this tee will be donated to Support The Girls.

    One more thing! Lively is such an awesome brand, and wanted to help spread their movement. They’ve given us a discount code for our amazing readers. Use code: AMB-styleapproximately to receive $10 off a purchase! Let us know what items you’re eyeing to purchase with the code!


    Dressed: Rachel Antonoff Fall Ready to Wear ’17

    January 23, 2018

    Rachel Antonoff’s Falll Ready to Wear ’17 collection will always be a personal favorite of mine. The collection was a direct response to an exhausting year. It was a year full of trash and tackiness. What amazes me about Rachel Antonoff is her ability to see beauty in the ugly. There’s one dress with a print of New York garbage; a delicate pattern of coffee cups, banana peels, condoms, and halved avocados. If anyone else did something like this, it would be tacky. In her hands, it’s quite chic.

    Of course, I love how she keeps it genuine. She’s using her platform in fashion to be a visual voice of women and the oppressed everywhere. With her uterus sweaters and lapel pins, Rachel Antonoff continues to proudly take a stance on equality, social justice, and human rights.

     Check out some of my other favorites below. How do you feel about the collection? Does anything stand out to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

    Where to purchase:

    1. The Parts Pin
    2. Hysterical Female Tee
    3. The Jewel Jumpsuit
    4. The Reproductive System Sweater
    5. The Sammy Midi Dress
    6. The Wanda Wide-leg Pant
    7. Danny Turtleneck with Sup

    Dressed: Madewell Spring ’18

    January 20, 2018

    Joyce Lee, Madewell’s Vice President of Design, sure knows how to connect with customers. She has this ability to tap into the memories of Madewell’s target demographic and create emotional value between the customer and the pieces. The Spring ’18 collection is no exception to that idea.

    The latest collection brings me back to road trips, sleepovers, and the long days of summer. I’m seeing inspiration from classic coming of age movies, in particular, Now and Then (which was also the movie we watched for every single sleepover.) I can imagine Roberta and her squad rolling up in their bikes wearing the mid-length shorts, tapered jeans, denim jumpsuits, and floral blouses.

    Madewell does basics right. They aren’t trendy per se, but they also aren’t boring. I love the details that create that emotional connection I often look for. A Mickey Mouse sweater harkens back to the yearly road trips to the happiest place on earth. A white tee under a spaghetti strap dress reminds me of when I wanted to dress up like my older cousin and her friends. My favorite piece is the belted kimono jacket with floral details; it’s something that can easily transition from day to night and seasons. It’s also a piece that I can wear while camping. I feel like all of these pieces can easily be the clothes I pack for a getaway.

    Check out a few more of our favorites below. Do you have any pieces that you’re excited for? The collection is set to release early next week! Let us know if you plan on making any purchases. We’ve already had our hearts set on a few.

    Photo Credit: Madewell

    Dressed: H.K.M

    January 16, 2018

    H.K.M stands for NY-based designer Hannah Kristina Metz. Hannah was originally known for her photography blog mixing high fashion with vintage appeal. She’s had a longstanding internet presence, and we’re sure you’ve come across her work a few times. Her attention to details and beautiful feminine color palettes are keys to her aesthetic.

    Hannah’s collections are also based on her favorite stories with the FW ’17 collection inspired by the characters from Anne of Green Gables. We love how there’s emphasis on puffed sleeves as it plays a pivotal role in Anne’s character. This collection features an earth tone palette with lots of green, orange, and blush tones. I always imagined those colors were prominent living in Prince Edward Island during the early 20th century.

    Currently the Blythe dress above is my favorite piece followed by the Green Gables blouse. Check out a few of our other picks below.

    Where to Purchase:

    1. Blythe Dress
    2. Shalott Dress
    3. Bouquet Back Dress
    4. Reckless Rose Blouse
    5. Green Gables Blouse

    Dressed: Classicloot

    January 11, 2018

    Last month, we collaborated on with Classicloot, a local favorite clothing and accessories shop here in San Jose. Classicloot has an awesome selection of vintage finds, locally made jewelry, and upcycled pieces (the Future is Female jacket is my favorite).

    I wanted to showcase Classicloot in a playful and hip way. What better way to do that then do a photoshoot in an endlessly colorful pinata shop? Dulceria Mi Carnaval in downtown gladly provided us the space. Everything about this shoot was manic, magical, and badass. I’m so excited to share it with all of you. Check out some of our favorite photos from the shoot after the jump! And when you’re done, be sure to make it over to the Classicloot website and IG. You’re definitely going to find a thing or two that you’ll love.

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