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    Earth Day 2018

    April 22, 2018

    Photo Credit: Lacausa

    Happy Earth Day Everyone! Here at Style Approximately, one of our goals is to support ethical and sustainable brands. We truly believe in the “less, but better motto” and try to implement it in our every day practices. We think Earth Day should be recognized every day. If you’re starting to develop your own practices to make this world and our consumptions more sustainable, we’re all for it and we’re here to help guide you as well.

    Shout out to Ashley Gabrielle for this inspiring quote, ”You vote by where you spend your money. How and where you spend is you saying this is the standard of products I want.” Although it’s hard to have a fully sustainable closet, we think it’s important to put in some thought and effort into what we put on our bodies. Below are 5 of our favorite sites and brands that we think anyone would love.


    While not a brand per se, Garmentory has been my go-to for finding indie brands that are focused on the sustainable movement. They’ve created a platform where consumers can find the ethical brands they love and purchase directly from the designer or indie boutique. I’ve found a few of my favorite brands like Intentionally __________ and Ace & Jig. The above featured dress is the Medusa Rosewater Dress from  Aurora Vestita.


    Redemption is a California based shop with the goal of selling products that are designed and made in California that keep to a sustainable and ethical production model. It’s also a local favorite of mine. They believe in selling the best products from the local community so that consumers can have a lasting and trusting relationship with the people behind the clothing.



    LACAUSA has been in on the sustainable game since 2013. They keep their production firmly in Los Angeles and will continue to do so. Their cause is to make quality pieces under ethical and sustainable practices. They’re taking that cause a step further by partnering with different organizations to raise awareness on environmental, human, and civil rights. Also SALE ALERT: they’re currently have a sample sale on their website. Marked down items are an extra 40% off with code SALE40

    Girlfriend Collective

    There’s so much I want to say about Girlfriend Collective and their collection. After reading more about the brand, I love it even more. The goal was to create women’s workout apparel with recycled, post-consumer materials (aka recycled water bottles). They also wanted a brand for the person who likes to casually workout with a minimalist aesthetic. Their pieces are also incredibly comfortable and I feel so wildy confident wearing my set.


    Allbirds are the sneakers that have taken the shoe industry by storm. It isn’t hard to see why. Allbirds is incredibly transparent about their production and where they source their materials. Other than using ZQ Merino Wool, which “meets the highest stands of farming, land management, and animal welfare.” They’re also at a competitive price point with shoes starting at $95.

    Are you interested in getting more advice on living a sustainable lifestyle? We have a few ideas in the works. If you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments!


    The Friday Round Up

    March 30, 2018

    We wanted to start a new Friday round up series to share the things we’ve been into for the past week. For our inaugural post, we have definitely been feeling this mercury in retrograde, and it’s been exhausting. We’re getting ourselves out of this weird energy by taking a timeout to breathe. We’ve thrown on the sunnies and happily read Darling magazine while sitting outside in the warm sun. We’re like plants and we need that sun to grow. Mary Ann finally watched Ladybird, and she ran through the gamut of emotions. Why? Because that’s what it was like being in a Catholic High school in the early 00s…an all girls Catholic high school to be exact. And finally, we’re rounding out this week with a trip to the Glossier popup at Rhea’s Cafe. It’s so gorgeous inside, and some quality retail therapy is always a good way to destress. Also, caped dresses at Cuyana? Give it.

    What have you come across this week that’s making you happy? Let us know in the comments!


    Dressed: Fjallraven Kanken

    August 29, 2017

    The pocky was eaten by Mary Ann before the ending of this shoot.

    Mary Ann and I have been talking about getting  Fjallraven kanken bags for the longest time and we each finally snagged one, both with the intention of using them for work.

    I was surprised at the size of the kanken classic. I’m 5’1, and the kanken classic didn’t overwhelm my frame but it still allowed me to fit the essentials and more. I also like the option of using it as a briefcase or a backpack, but I ended up using it as a backpack to keep myself handsfree.

    I dumped the contents of my workbag into my kanken: makeup bag, toner, water bottle, wallet, a book  (if I ever catch myself with some down time), and snacks -all fitting comfortably inside

    The material of the kanken is 100% polyvinyl alcohol, it’s a thicker material and also water repellant. It has a nice weight to it and appears pretty sturdy. Because of the material ,the kanken holds its structure extremely well. 

    Tip: The kanken comes with a 1 inch, black foam pad, that lines the frame of the backpack. Don’t throw it away!!! It helps keep the shape of your kanken, but also helps to protect any electronics you put in the sleeve.

    I’ve been using my kanken for about 3 weeks now,  and I can honestly say it’s the perfect workbag for me. It holds what I need it to; I can pack my stuff, grab it and go and it’s stylish.

    A lot of people ask me where I got the bag and if I recommend it. You don’t even need to give this bag a second thought. This bag has been a staple in Sweden since the ’60s. I read that people still have their kankens when they were children in the 70s, and it’s still as good as it was back then! I think this is the type of bag that will last a lifetime. Just get it, you won’t regret it!


    Creative Sundays

    April 2, 2017

    I like to end my weekend and start my week with a full day dedicated to creative pursuits. I’ve been focusing on the Theory of Color with plenty of play time in the Pantone Studio. It’s been a fun and fascinating ride in understanding color concepts, and how color can convey a swirl of emotions within us. Lately, I’ve been loving deep tones balanced by lighter harmonious colors. I dig the vibrancy.

    Check out the photos below to see what’s been sparking my creativity. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll notice that the featured photos are from women all of the world.

    What’s inspires you to get creative? Let me know in the comments below

    Instagram: dchaussee

    Instagram: HelloSandwich

    Instagram: LeSpecs

    Skirting Around

    March 7, 2016


    I’ve had an obsession with finding the perfect skirt for a long time. I love the versatility of the pleated midi skirt; you can go casual with flats or sneakers and tee or you can dress it up with heels, a sweater, and a button down top. It’s fun yet classic.



    But you know what I really love about it? THE TWIRLING AND THE SWOOSHING!


    Vogue - Pleats

    Photos via 1. Who What Wear 2. Who What Wear 3. Pinterest 4. Pinterest 5. Vogue

    As a treat to myself for completing the Whole30 (more on that later), I bought the micro pleated mini from J.Crew. I wanted a look that was feminine and structured for work. I also wanted a piece of clothing that I can pair with sneakers and a tee shirt to hang out in during the weekends. The skirt itself is well made and is of a thicker fabric. The color is also neutral enough to pair with a variety of styles and patterns. The Beryl Hat, denim vest, and booties is truly my uniform.

    Ways to Style a Pleated Midi Skirt

    1. Zara – Embroidered Lace Crop Top
    2. J. Crew – Denim vest
    3. Opening Ceremony – Izzy Backpack
    4. J. Crew – Regent Blazer
    5. Need Supply Co. – The Beryl Hat
    6. J. Crew – Micro-pleated midi skirt in dusty ginger
    7. Kendra Scott – Tristan Hinge Station Choker
    8. Madewell – Anywhere Tee
    9. Need Supply Co. – Mars Ankle Bootie
    10. Zara – Fabric Clutch
    11. Adidas – Stan Smith Sneaker