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    Nguyen Cong Tri: Em Hoa Collection

    April 17, 2017

    Can we take a moment (or several) to admire the work of Nguyen Cong Tri? Inspired by flower sellers on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Cong Tri strikes a deep emotional chord by juxtaposing delicate colorful design with stark architectural concrete-like garments. He is further inspired by the women who typically wear oversized shirts to protect themselves from the sun. The blooming colors spilling onto their monochrome clothing is incredibly beautiful. This collection is a means to remind us of how wonderful it can be when we slow down for just a moment and take it the small beauties in a seemingly mundane world.

    Photos found here: Facebook

    Field Trip: Pace Art + Technology

    April 3, 2016

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    My awesome friend Courtney joined me on a field trip to Pace Art + Technology in Menlo Park. We both needed a time out from our busy work days and just spend some time in a creative space.

    Developed by teamLab, I think of this gallery as a virtual park-esque exhibit. Art and technology are blended together making the pieces visually playful and interactive. I feel that the art is autonomous to the viewer as your mind tends to wander and develop the story around the art.

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    After taking a few photos, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the gallery like I should be. Courtney said it best: we were so focused on our phone screen that we weren’t fully diving into the art pieces.

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    When we put our phones away, that’s where our minds began to wander. We created stories and saw the art from different perspective. The Crystal Room, in particular, is incredible and definitely IG-worthy, BUT!! putting the phone away made the experience that much more beautiful. We were immersed in the lights, and it felt like we were dancing in space.

    The Flowers & People Room is also exceptional. We sat there and began to notice the subtle changes in the room – flowers were growing and dying, perhaps symbolizing the unending cycle of birth and death.

    Pace Gallery - Menlo Park

    There’s also an interactive kids room that is a definite must. I don’t have any pictures there because I was too busy making sea creatures for the ocean wall.

    Pace Gallery

    Movie Night

    March 11, 2016

    Tonight, I just needed a good movie to watch. Lately, it’s been rare for me to sit down and watch a whole movie without interruption – I’m either texting away or on facebook/instagram or preoccupied reading some random article. Husband always seems to pick the right movie to suit my mood. Hector and the Search for Happiness is exactly what I needed. It’s wonderfully simplistic storytelling about the our unending pursuit of happiness when, really, happiness is not the end pursuit…rather it’s the journey that makes us the most happy.

    What’s your favorite movie? Planning a movie night? I like movies that take a deep dive into the human psyche… what makes us tick, what drives us, what do we want out of life, what connects us. What can I say? I’m a deeply relationship based person.

    Here are a few recommendations on my end:


    The Science of Sleep


    Love Me If You Dare


    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    The Darjeeling Limited


    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Hector and the Search for Happiness


    The Grand Budapest Hotel (yes, it’s on here twice. It’s just soooo good!)


    Inside Llewyn Davis


    Blue Valentine


    Moonrise Kingdom


    500 Days of Summer

    Skirting Around

    March 7, 2016


    I’ve had an obsession with finding the perfect skirt for a long time. I love the versatility of the pleated midi skirt; you can go casual with flats or sneakers and tee or you can dress it up with heels, a sweater, and a button down top. It’s fun yet classic.



    But you know what I really love about it? THE TWIRLING AND THE SWOOSHING!


    Vogue - Pleats

    Photos via 1. Who What Wear 2. Who What Wear 3. Pinterest 4. Pinterest 5. Vogue

    As a treat to myself for completing the Whole30 (more on that later), I bought the micro pleated mini from J.Crew. I wanted a look that was feminine and structured for work. I also wanted a piece of clothing that I can pair with sneakers and a tee shirt to hang out in during the weekends. The skirt itself is well made and is of a thicker fabric. The color is also neutral enough to pair with a variety of styles and patterns. The Beryl Hat, denim vest, and booties is truly my uniform.

    Ways to Style a Pleated Midi Skirt

    1. Zara – Embroidered Lace Crop Top
    2. J. Crew – Denim vest
    3. Opening Ceremony – Izzy Backpack
    4. J. Crew – Regent Blazer
    5. Need Supply Co. – The Beryl Hat
    6. J. Crew – Micro-pleated midi skirt in dusty ginger
    7. Kendra Scott – Tristan Hinge Station Choker
    8. Madewell – Anywhere Tee
    9. Need Supply Co. – Mars Ankle Bootie
    10. Zara – Fabric Clutch
    11. Adidas – Stan Smith Sneaker


    Dream a Little Dream

    February 22, 2016

     Rodarte F/W 2016

    There’s always something so wonderfully ethereal about Rodarte that deeply connects to me. After viewing their F/W 2016 collection, I feel like I’ve wandered into the great California redwoods where flower crowned tree fairies reside. It’s almost magical, you can say. 

    Rodarte F/W 2016

    Rodarte F/W 2016 Rodarte is big on romance with its mixture of leather, lace, and flowers interweaving in the designs. It’s playful and carefree as patterns and textures dance along the tiered ruffles and asymmetrical hems.

    Rodarte F/W 2016

    Rodarte F/W 2016The Mulleavy sisters are effin’ cool, and they’ve proven it over the past 10 years. These pieces are beyond clothing. They are works of art and of film. They each tell a beautiful story of romance, transformation, and fantasy with a hint of macabre.

    Rodarte F/W 2016

    Rodarte F/W 2016

    Rodarte F/W 2016

    Photos: Vogue