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    Femme Fair

    May 7, 2018

    Adrienne and I got the chance to attend Femme Fair last month, and  we are still feeling the positive energy of the event and all the women present. The event originally started out as a way for the public to shop their favorite bloggers’ closets, but it has since gotten bigger. We definitely felt welcomed and connected to the community; not only were we able to do some shopping, but we got a chance to meet other amazing women, share stories, laugh, eat, and find ways to support each other in future creative endeavors.

    We sat in on the morning speaking engagements. The first conversation centered around finding your voice in a sea of many. It was so inspiring to hear women in the creative industry talk about their own fears and vulnerabilities in this field, and how it’s so important to be your most authentic self. The second conversation was the keynote given by Chloe Elisa with the core focus on putting a light to sex trafficking. The topic hits close as a lot of my career focused on supporting young folks who have been abused and/or trafficked. Her words were incredible, and if you were to just spend 5 minutes talking to her, you’d want to get out there and serve the greater community. She also works for Selah Freedom, the nation’s leading anti-sex trafficking organization. Definitely check it out, and support our most marginalized groups of people.

    We were also in awe of the beautiful detail put into the event. Saying it’s IG-worthy doesn’t do the justice the hardwork the women of Femme Fair put into it. They really converted a space that was open, inviting, colorful, and effing fun. We were taking pictures like crazy and were also admiring all the care that brought everything together. Check out our photos below! Make sure you’re following Femme Fair. We believe it’s only going to get bigger from here. We can’t wait for next year, and we’re hoping to see more of our readers there!

    Photo Credit: Jess Onesto


    Women Wednesdays: Dominique Drakeford

    March 28, 2018

    We are so excited to feature Dominique Drakeford in our Women Wednesdays series. She is making waves in more ways than one in the sustainable and ethical movement. Dominique is an environment educator, community advocate, sustainability stylist, and also founder of Melanin and Sustainable Style (MelaninASS) – a platform dedicated to celebrating and giving a voice to communities of color in sustainable and ethical fashion, beauty, and wellness.

    Dominique is truly inspiring, and we are excited for you to get to know her and her story a bit more. We’ve been focusing a lot on sustainable style, and she has been one of our go-to women for socially conscious and environmentally sound style. Whoever says that you can’t do both hasn’t met Dominique because she not only champions an ethical and sustainable lifestyle, she rocks it so damn well.

    1. When did you first realize that you wanted to focus on sustainable and conscious clothing? What drew you to it? 

    I would say sometime in my early college years. I knew in high school that my passion lied in some sort of creative environmental work. I think around Sophomore year in college is when I started to fuse my love for fashion and sustainability together. I was always drawn to fashion’s ability to communicate – culture, politics, attitude, etc. I think it just became second nature that fashion can creatively, culturally and politically convey the importance of sustainability without compromising style.

    2. Tell us more about MelaninASS.

    MelaninASS is literally my baby – and like most socially conscious platforms – it grew from 1) frustration and 2) love. I was frustrated about the lack of visibility for POC in this space. I was frustrated seeing all of the appropriate in the fashion world but also in this community as well. I was frustrated that not enough platforms for and by POC were covering sustainability. Now the love – I have such an unwavering love for black people and POC in general. We are an incredible people who so much to offer that gets overlooked and exploited – and my sheer love for melanin made me want to share the brands and stories that aren’t vocalized enough. With the right resources, tools and influences – POC can become the driving force to take sustainability to the next level. It’s starting to become a conscious hub for creative global pioneers of color.

    3. What characteristics do you admire most in other women? 

    Beauty – Women may be complicated yes, but the sheer beauty of women is the driving force for everything. And I’m not talking about the outside necessarily – the beauty of passion, of skill, of resilience, of being a change agent. The beauty in women is what connects us and drives us to be leaders.

    4. What was the best piece of business advice that you’ve received? 

    Create your own opportunities.

    5. What is your personal or professional motto?

    Invest in work that feeds your lifestyle and life purpose.

    6. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently when you started?

    NOPE – I believe in alchemy – the shitty things that have happened, the “mistakes” that I’ve made and the things that I “regret” are part of the journey that transforms you to becoming the person you’re destined to be. So as far as I’m concerned, as difficult as it may to swallow and as easy as it is to complain, I’m right where I’m suppose to be and wouldn’t change a thing. Everything happens for a reason – the universe is working some magic that I may not see yet.

    7. What resources do you recommend to someone starting in the fashion industry especially when it comes to sustainable and ethical clothing?

    That’s a tough one – because the suggestions I would have given 5 years ago are very different from now. Fashion and Sustainability are such huge under takings. A documentary I would suggest watching is A True Cost which is on Netflix. Then I would suggest reading different books and articles but based on what aspects of sustainability you’re interested in. But True Cost would be my very very 1st resource to dive into – and then from that documentary – you will have a bunch of thoughts, feelings, idea etc and from there you can navigate the direction you want to go in terms of resources.

    Otherwise … I think it can be very overwhelming.

    Also – simply follow people and/or brands on say Instagram that resonate with your style and/or activist values.

    8. What inspires you?

    The earth and indigenous cultures (which as the basis of sustainability) despite whatmainstream advocates convey.

    9. What’s next for you? Anything exciting that you’d like to share?

    I’m not sure LOL – I’m working on a few different projects but I’m honestly just taking my journey one day at a time. I’m most interested in doing more work focused on up-lifting communities of color to be more sustainable in their fashion, beauty and wellness.

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    Women Wednesdays: Erbose

    January 24, 2018

    Audrey pictured

    We’ve been having an amazing time with our Women Wednesday series this month. We’re feeling so deeply connected to our community and are enjoying the responses we’ve been getting from our readers both on the web and in real life.

    This week, we’re featuring the women behind Erbose, one of our favorite skincare lines. Sisters Audrey Dombroski and Jen Schachtebeck created Erbose with a focus on clean beauty. They are committed to self-care through holistic skincare rituals and creating a community of wellness. Audrey and Jen are truly inspiring and have created beautiful products that are environmentally and ethically sound.

    Jen pictured

    We’ve talked about Erbose products before, and we’re happy to say that the results from using their products have been nothing short of amazing. We’re excited to share Audrey and Jen’s story of how Erbose began and what continues to inspire them.

    1. When did you first realize that you wanted to start a skincare line? What called you to it?

    Audrey: I’ve always relied on various self-care rituals to support my physical and mental well-being and while I was studying herbalism, my new found relationship with plants only solidified my commitment to health and wellness. I’ve always been conscious of what I was putting into my body, but only then did I start looking into what I was putting on my body. I began formulating plant-based skincare products for myself, quickly realizing the healing qualities these products provided my skin. I then branched out and started transforming plants into useful products for our family and friends and received great feedback about the effectiveness these products offered. It was then that I became committed to creating and providing products in hopes of empowering others to look at their daily beauty routines through a holistic lens.

    2. What characteristics do you admire most in other women?

    We really admire women who are comfortable in their own skin, who appreciate themselves exactly as they are. We’re also really inspired by women who empower and support other women. Having a community of women who encourage other women to pursue their goals is key. Let’s build each other up instead of holding each other back!

    3. What was the best piece of business advice that you’ve received?

    Measure your degree of passion. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, why would anyone else?

    4. What is your personal or professional motto?

    “Always do what you are afraid to do.”

    5. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently when you started?

    Editing! The excitement of first starting out had us crazy with ideas with what we wanted to create and introduce. That, in turn, resulted in way too many products that ultimately felt excessive—a concept that strays from what we want our products to be: simple, clean and uncomplicated. Keeping things simple from the get-go while staying true to yourself is the best way to start any endeavor.

    6. What resources do you recommend to someone starting in your industry?

    We love reading blogs like Chalkboard Mag, Well+Good, and mindbodygreen  for information regarding all around wellness, healthy eating, and natural health. We recommend keeping up with clean beauty products and trends. We love The Moment for information about beauty products and clean living, and try to check in with organic/natural beauty bloggers on Instagram like sunkissedkateblog, livingprettynaturally, and annalovesorganicbeauty for clean products they’re currently into.

    7. If you were given an extra 2 hours a day, what would you do with it?

    We’d definitely use some of that time for wellness- meditation, yoga, going on a hike- anything to cultivate mindfulness. We’d also spend the time catching up with new shows or hanging out with our family and friends. Maybe read a book (for fun)! Oh, and of course, get some extra sleep in the morning, because a little extra rest never hurt anyone! Can we have more than an extra 2 hours? 🙂

    8. What inspires you?

    We’re inspired by a lot of things:

    • A curiosity for the natural world and its healing qualities

    • A desire to create and work with our hands

    • What others in our industry are doing

    • Community building through clean living aspirations

    • A desire to help and show people just how easy it can be to live a natural life

    The list goes on and on….

    9. What’s next for Erbose? Anything exciting that you’d like to share?

    We recently launched the Erbose Baby Line which we’re really excited about! It’s bringing some new opportunities and allowing us to work with health conscious parents who want to lead organic and natural lifestyles for themselves and their kids. We are also in the midst of formulating new face and body oils, so keep an eye out for that!

    Photo Credit: Audrey Dombroski + Jen Schachtebeck



    Women Wednesdays: Tamryn Miller

    January 17, 2018

    For our Women Wednesdays series this week, we wanted to feature one of our favorite bloggers and all around style queen Tamryn Miller of Wannabe Fashion Blogger. Like us, Tamryn is a Bay Area gal based in San Francisco. Tamryn’s unique style has turned the heads of many and continues to give us inspiration in refreshing ways. She has parlayed the success of her blog into partnerships with companies such as J.Jill, Lacson Ravello, and SoulCycle. Tamryn is no snob and is totally down with pairing a beautiful thrifted dress with a pre-loved Chanel bag. She can rock the bootleg Gucci from Afterlife Boutique, and have a ton of people buying it the next day. Tamryn is that cool. Read more about her below. And when you’re done, be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram. It’s lit.

    1. Tell us about Wannabe Fashion Blogger. How did it come about?
    Wannabe Fashion Blogger was born from an inside joke between my sister and I. I have always been very into fashion and when blogging really started taking off, I would look at my own outfits and think “I could do that!” I would send my sister photos of my daily outfits and jokingly sign them from “Wannabe Fashion Blogger.” Everyone in my life encouraged me to start my own blog and I did just that about four and a half years ago. I kept the name Wannabe Fashion Blogger because it helped me get started!
    2. What characteristics do you admire most in other women?
    The number one characteristic I admire most about other women is confidence. I have always been shy and less confident in myself so when I see women who just OWN everything about themselves, I love it!
    3. What was the best piece of advice in starting the blog?
    The best piece of advice I would give to anyone starting a blog is be true to who you are. When you pretend to be someone else, it shows. Readers want authenticity, they want to know who YOU are, not who you are pretending to be.
    4. What is your personal or professional motto?
    “Wear Outside The Box”
    5. What resources do you recommend to someone starting a creative business?
    Honestly, Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration for me and I have learned so much from watching others. I would also recommend finding a community that can support you and who knows what you’re going through. When I first started, I was really shy and didn’t want to network with other bloggers because I was afraid. Now, I have such a solid group of girls that truly support each other in such a unique business world. It’s amazing!
    6. What drives you? What keeps you going with Wannabe Fashion Blogger?
    I feel like my style is always evolving and that really motivates me to continue with Wannabe Fashion Blogger. I love seeing how my style has changed over the years and I love connecting with my audience. Hearing from my readers makes me so happy and they really push me to keep going.
    7. What’s up next for you? Anything exciting that you’d like to share?
    As of right now, I have a few projects that I am working on and hoping to make it to NYFW in September!

    Photo Credits: Shannon Righetti


    Women Wednesdays: Weekend Creative

    January 10, 2018

    Here at Style Approximately, we are all about creating a space of women supporting other women. Inspired by Grace Bonney and her book, In The Company of Women, we decided to start a Women Wednesdays series. Similar to the book, we wanted to gather inspiration and advice from the creative women in our lives and share it with our readers. We hope you enjoy this series and find inspiration to pursue/continue your passions.

    The first women we are featuring in the series is the duo behind Weekend Creative, Elle Mitchell and Arabela Espinoza. Their eye for design is mesmerizing. They have a “let’s be bold and edgy” and “get out of the comfort zone” attitude that I love. Rebels? Yes…and I’m all about it.

    Inspired by the questions asked throughout In the Company of Women, we asked similar questions for Elle and Arabela. Let’s have you get to know Weekend Creative in their own words!

    1. Tell us about Weekend Creative. How did it come about?

    We met at San Jose State University in a photography class and quickly became partners. We ended up working at a magazine together and realized that we were both passionate about art, photography, and art direction. Starting a business was always in the back of our minds, and something we would joke about, but we felt that it was a long way off. Wanting to expand our portfolio outside of the magazine, we reached out to It’s-It Ice Cream to see if they would give us product to shoot in exchange for photos. Long story short, they ended up hiring us, and it gave us the push we needed to actually start a business.

    Weekend Creative is a creative agency specializing in clean, artful photography. We create beautiful images that showcase the best qualities of a brand in order to help them reach the right customers through print, web, or social media. We want our images to be outstanding and truly represent who they are as a brand.

    2. What characteristics do you admire most in other women?

    There are so many women that we admire for many different reasons, but some of the main characteristics that we love in other women are passion for their art, determination and perseverance, and a desire to support instead of compete in their community.

    3. What was the best piece of advice in starting Weekend Creative?

    A lot of the advice we received was given to us even before starting Weekend Creative. Friends and family told us to just go for it even if we didn’t feel ready or know all that much about starting a business. After making the leap, one important piece of advice that we received was to make sure we had a contract between ourselves. While it’s unlikely that we would go our separate ways, it’s important that we cover our bases and protect ourselves.

    4. What is your personal or professional motto?

    “Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.” – Marc Jacobs

    5. What resources do you recommend to someone starting a creative business?

    We love following successful brands like Darling, DesignLoveFest, GirlBoss, and Create and Cultivate that write articles with great business tips. We also recommend joining facebook groups of creative entrepreneurs where you can ask for advice and also see conversations that might provide useful insight. Some of the groups we are currently in are Creative Lady Collective, Tuesdays Together SF, Lady Boss Workshops, and Build + Bloom by Jessica Whitaker. If you are looking to grow a specific skill, Skillshare and CreativeLive are great for that. 

    6. What does success mean to you?

    We know we are successful when we provide our clients with a service that is beneficial, high quality, and elevates their brand; and we build strong relationships with them. Success is also loving what we do and feeling proud of everything we create.

    7. What’s up next for Weekend Creative? Anything exciting that you’d like to share?

    We’re currently working with a client who is launching a new brand for petite women. We’re excited about this project because it allows us to work both in and out of the studio and we feel like it will push us in new ways. We’re also talking to a few other potential clients and we are excited about working with brands who are very different from each other. It’s a really good challenge. We have lots of goals for this new year and we can’t wait to see where it will take us.