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I’m not one to fuss over my hair and makeup especially if it means I can get some extra sleep in the morning. 5-10 more minutes of sleep mean the world especially if it’s a work day. It’s also been really hot for the past couple of weeks (we’re talking 90s to 100s) which makes me even less willing to do my makeup routine.

But I must. I don’t want to look tired when I get into the office. Even worse, I don’t want the people I’m in meetings with to assume that I’m exhausted.

I had fun thinking of my daily makeup routine and how it applies to my life’s overall bigger picture. Balance is key. I like looking presentable in the office. Presentable, yet relaxed. Fresh faced, but not completely done up.


First things first, HydraLife BB Creme by Dior is absolutely amazing, especially for sensitive skin like mine. It gives my skin that nice dewy look that I love. It also goes on smoothly and feels light like air. This BB cream is on the pricier side, but you only need to use a little bit to get maximum coverage. Mine usually lasts 8-12 months.

I then put on a matte powder to keep the Creme in place, and to also add a bit of color to my skin. BareMinerals has been part of my routine for years because it’s never irritated my skin. On lazier and hotter days, I skip the bb cream and move straight to the matte powder.  I follow this up with a sweep of blush to my cheekbones. NARS Super Orgasm is my go-to because the peach color and gold glitter complement my skin tone and gives it a subtle shimmer.

We also can’t forget the eyebrows! I never realized how important it is to add some brow defining to your face… unless you already have those gorgeous thick brows. I looked at past pictures of myself and noticed how washed out my face is without defined brows. Flawless Brow Trio by bhcosmetics is an awesome all-in-one kit that can both fill and shape brows.

I then finish my face with eyeliner to give my eyes a more awake look, and some nude lipstick. If I feel sassy, I’ll go for a darker red, but that’s rare for the office. Clinique has always been good to me with their lipstick products, and I can’t complain about Makeup4ever’s aqua eyeliner.


I am pretty bad at fixing my hair. Usually, I’ll throw it up in a bun and be done with it. BUT! my wonderful stylist insisted that I try these products since I told her that I would love a beach wave look and I wanted to do something easy. I’ve felt that it was impossible to get beach wave hair. She was like, “Girl… all you need is some Oribe.” She worked her magic and I was sold. It really works and gives my hair that lovely sea salty look. I just put the smooth style serum in then spray it with wave and shine spray. Blow dry it a bit while lightly crunching hair. I was told that I can also skip blowdrying and let my hair dry on its own. The products can be found here and here.

So what does your daily morning routine look like? Let me know by commenting below! <3




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